About Us

Background and History

Business Design was founded in 2009, in the purpose of extending techonologies to their limit, desinging new ideas and creating interesting out-of-the-box web applications.

Business Design originated as humble web development company, now expanded into a software house, also offering custom development.

Our Business Philosophy

We are committed to giving our clients value for their money.

we work hard achieving our client’s satisfaction. Working together with our clients, we listen to their needs and work with them in order to achieve their goals.

Our relationships are based upon communication, expertise, and trust.

Our Expertise

We’re one-stop-shop for web development, design and UX(User Experience). we walk our clients through all the way, from planning the idea, creating the design, development, and ongoing maintenance and development after the project has been launched. The internet is a dynamic environment, we constantly keep our-selves up to date, with new technologies, offering our clients the best and the latest the web has to offer, along with our own experience and advise.