Custom Development

Our main expertise is PHP:
An open source scripting language that works great in correlation with several databases, mainly MYSQL, and has a lot of frameworks having the community help to get started quickly in order to save time and money for most types of projects.
Combining that with Useful APIs such as Google Maps, JQuery and JS, the options are endless.
By custom development we mean that nearly everything is possible.
For example, Google Maps API may be very useful if you want to display all your business branches on a live world map with highlighters and texts with additional details on each branch.
For a mortgage consultant who wants to give tools to his clients to visually explore their available options, type in real numbers and see calculations shown in graphs, and much more.

We also develop custom tailor made Information Management Systems, specifically suited for the specific business.
An IMS (Information Management System) helps control and manage your business data in realtime, helping you handle large amounts of data relevant to your business, all reachable in just a few clicks, in both graphical representations as well as textual data.
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We also develop custom database-driven-web applications designed to help companies control and manage various types of information, combining multiple types of data, organizing valuable information data into smart graphical user interface, mainly based on PHP and MYSQL environments.