UX Design

The User Experience (UX) involved in web applications as well as websites is crucial for having the web app or website achieve the right business goals.
UX is a field with many aspects, and is often confused with different fields, such as web design. Recently, web design has been receiving less attention and many businesses are starting to understand that the quick interaction with the user is the key to getting the right business results. A good web design is based on the right user experience fundamentals, and not vice versa. User interface design requires a good understanding of the user. There are several steps required in designing a good user interface, starting with:
-Understanding the user:
such a process involves asking yourself the right questions and understanding the answers:
a. What would the user want the application to do?
b. How would the application fill the user’s needs?
c. What interface does the user already know and feel comfortable with?
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